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In a video interview with CNBC, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo answered a number of questions posted by users of the platform, one of which asked if Twitter had any plans to beef up its analytics offerings to users. Costolo responded by saying in the very near future Twitter will be working to help people understand what kind of interests their followers have.

Obviously, the more you know about your Twitter following, the easier it is to work to create high engagement content, which would be a definite plus. It’s clear that this type of feature would prove very useful to brands and content creators, as it would help them tailor tweets and other content for their Twitter following. Additionally, the more success and return on investment brands see on their Twitter accounts, the more likely they will be to purchase promoted tweets and trends or use the self-service tool, which in the end will help Twitter’s bottom line.

One of the other interesting things Costolo mentioned was how closely they monitor users activity on the site to ensure their users aren’t having a bad experience due to the ads. While Costolo didn’t reveal how fast Twitter’s revenue is growing, he said he wants to “preserve the user experience,” and that Twitter is closely monitoring the service to make sure that users who see ads are using Twitter as much or more than they were before those users started seeing ads.

He also said that Twitter is looking to sell more ads internationally as they have opened offices in London and Tokyo as the company looks to develop ad relations globally.

Costolo also mentioned e-commerce as a potential growth area for Twitter, “it’s particularly interesting in areas where you’ve got things like perishable inventory like tickets, we observe that and are paying attention to that and are thinking about the kinds of ways we could participate in that value exchange.” I could see Twitter partnering with Live Nation, musicians, or sports venues to sell tickets. You could have the Twitter Pre-sale!

What do you think of Twitter’s plans?

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