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Quirky, a site known for developing user generated inventions, appears to have had their Facebook Page hacked this afternoon. The Quirky Facebook Page started to post some quirky (excuse the bad pun) messages around 3PM EST, starting with a simple “HELLO?” as the hacker most likely was testing to see if they had access to the page.

From there, messages ranged from AOL puns, “You have male” to pictures of cats and comments from the page attacking users who commented on the postings. We’ve reached out to Quirky to let them know it appears their Facebook Page has been hacked and will update the post as we know more.

Check out some of the screenshots we took below.

Update: It appears the page might not have been hacked, or at least, Ben Kaufman, the founder of Quirky is aware of what’s going on.  Buried in the comments of one of the posts, Ben writes, “oh trust me, i’m very aware of whats going on…”  — whatever it is, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Right off the bat though, it doesn’t appear very funny.

Update 2: Quirky just posted on their Facebook page that the person trolling their page was in fact Ben Kaufman, the company’s founder.  I’m all for fun and games, but I think some of the stuff posted was a bit over the top.  In one post, someone asked why Quirky was awesome to which the founder replied, “because we eat pieces of shit for breakfast.” What do you think?  Funny or not?

Quirky hello

Quirky you have male

Quirky cat

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