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Security Guide: Passwords 101

It comes up all the time on the web: pick a strong password! But what does that really mean? There are many misconceptions about passwords that can lead to trouble. Insecure passwords are very vulnerable and subject to attack. Before you can understand how to prevent these issues, you must first understand how passwords are used and stored.

When you sign up on any (legit and reputable) website, you are asked to provide a password to accompany your username. What you may not know about this password is that it is not stored on the server as plaintext, that is, text that is in a readable state; rather, your password is stored in what is known as a hash. What a hash function does is take your input and converts it to a seemingly random fixed-size string. The key is, it is not random.

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App Store Hacked

Wow.  Talk about an exciting July 4th weekend.  Two major web services, the App Store and YouTube have been hacked.  It appears a rogue developer has gained unauthorized access to a number (currently unknown) of iTunes accounts and has pushed their books into the top 50.  Clearly dominating the entire market place.  You can see for yourself here (if you hurry), I’ll post a screenshot below.  As of right now, there has been no official statement from Apple nor do we know the extremity of the situation.  However, we do know that some people have been reporting at least $200 of books being purchased without their consent.

If you go to click the support and company links in iTunes you are taken to a Home.com, which is nothing but a landing page.  Additionally, Google Search results for Thuat Nguyen (the author/developer, supposedly) do not provide any specific details as to who the individual or company actually is.  We’ll keep you updated as we are able to gather more information.

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