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iPhone 5 Super Glued to the Ground. Hilarity Ensues.

A couple of guys over in Amsterdam thought it would be funny to super glue an iPhone 5 to the ground and record the reactions of people walking by, and it’s pretty funny. What makes this perhaps even more funny is the iPhone 5 isn’t officially released in Amsterdam yet and it appears the that iPhone in the video is in fact not an iPhone 5.

A quick look at the iPhone displayed in the beginning of the video, looks like it has a shiny silver Apple logo on the back (see below), when the black iPhone 5 has a black Apple on the back panel. Regardless of whether or not it’s a real iPhone 5, the video is a solid 2 minutes and 30 seconds of entertainment.

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Remember How Secure Windows 98 Was?

I stumbled across this animated gif file on Reddit today and it reminded me of how secure Windows 98 was.  That’s a joke by the way.  For those of you who remember Windows 98, I’m sure you remember the super secure the login screen.  You know, the one you could easily bypass with a little trickery and a couple mouse clicks.

Well, if you don’t remember or you never knew about the gaping security hole in the Windows 98 login system, check out this little animation below.  And if you ever stumbled across a Windows 98 system with a login username and password now you can bypass it (side note: we don’t endorse gaining unauthorized access to computers).

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What Social Media Experts Need to Know

We have all seen them on Twitter and Facebook – social media experts.  What exactly is a social media expert/advisor/manager/whatever euphemism they can come up with anyway?  And most importantly, how do you qualify to be one and how much do you get paid?

Well, when compared with other web related industries such as web design and SEO experts, social media experts appear to make much more money with not nearly as much education or knowledge.  The diagram below will outline the key differences regarding the amount of knowledge required and money earned in each respective industry (web design, SEO expert, and Social Media expert).

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