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Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 600 Promise Major Speed Increases

Qualcomm is launching a brand new family of mobile CPU’s in 2013, the Snapdragon 800, the Snapdragon 600, the Snapdragon 400, and the Snapdragon 200. These new speed demons will be replacing the current line of Qualcomm chips, the Snapdragon S1, S2, S3 and S4.

The Snapdragon 800 promises a 75 percent increase in CPU performance and double the graphics performance with new Krait 400 CPU cores (at up to 2.3GHz each) and an Adreno 330 GPU. The Snapdragon 800 also houses a faster LTE Cat 4 modem, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, QFHD video recording, support for resolutions up to 2560 x 2048, and components tuned for lower power consumption too. The Snapdragon 800 will start arriving mid-year.

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AMD Is Bleeding Cash And Is Firing Employees To Cut Costs

AMD, a company who once battled fiercely with Intel to develop the latest computer processors, is reportedly in the process of firing employees to significantly reduce expenses as the chipmaker faces some serious challenges both financially and technologically. The company’s cash has declined to $1.5 billion in the third quarter, after losing $279 million in the previous period. A continuing trend would mean cash levels would drop to $600 million by this time next year, and with $2.04 billion of debt — it’s not looking good for AMD.

AMD’s best days were in the early 2000’s, when they were constantly battling Intel for the best computer processor. Prior to the release of Intel’s Core 2 Duo line of processors, the top spot appeared to be up for grabs with many people recommending AMD’s line of CPU’s over Intel’s. However, that all changed with the release of the Core 2 Duo and from there it’s been essentially all Intel. But it wasn’t just the Core 2 Duo that has hurt AMD, it’s been the shift in technology — from desktops to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that has hurt the company the most.

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How To: Speed Up Your PC Without New Hardware

So you just finished building your first custom PC. You’ve installed all of the state-of-the-art equipment and the latest and greatest operating system. You press the power button for the first time and you are amazed at how fast it loads. It is a truly mesmerizing experience. If you’re a geek you know what I’m talking about. It feels great right? Well get this, you might not be getting the most out of that awesome PC. I myself recently realized that my custom build PC was not running at 100% and that after a few simple modifications I gained a 20% increase in speed without any new hardware. These tweaks where due to my lack of knowledge and overall haste when originally building this PC.

Before we get started I wanted to say something that causes many slowdowns on new systems. These slowdowns are caused by users installing drivers from the CD included in your hardware packaging. These CD’s contain outdated drivers and sometimes broken software.  Some of the biggest speed increases you will ever see will be by simply updating these drivers. Most driver updates can be found on the website of the hardware manufacturer. Before continuing with any other tweaks be sure to always download and install the latest drivers first. Okay, now we can move on.

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