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While it’s not confirmed as such, the newly unveiled Exyos 7 mobile CPU from Samsung is probably going to wind up in the forthcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone.

According to Samsung’s post about the new processor, the Exyos 7 relies on a 14 nanometer processor, which is 20 percent faster than its previously released 20 nanometer processors. Additionally, the new processor consumes 35 percent less power and offers a “30 percent productivity gain.” In short, it’s thinner, smaller, and more powerful.

So why does it seem like it’ll show up in the Galaxy S6? Because back in late-January, word first started to spread that Samsung was dropping its longtime CPU partner in Qualcomm, which had been providing Snapdragon processors for the company’s Galaxy handsets. Then a few days later, Qualcomm mentioned that its Snapdragon 810 “will not be in the upcoming design cycle of a large customer’s flagship device,” all but confirming the earlier rumors that Qualcomm was out as far as the Galaxy S6 was concerned.

We’re still a couple weeks away from Samsung’s upcoming press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it’s believed that it’ll unveil the Galaxy S6. From what we’ve heard of the new handset thus far, it might actually be exciting enough to start Samsung heading back to its place of prominence in the mobile industry. It’ll have a metal body with edged, dual-tapered display variants, a suite of pre-installed Microsoft productivity apps, and less bloatware and junk than any previous Galaxy handset. It may just be Samsung’s best phone yet – but it’s also possible that the company has blown it with customers, who may not be interested in coming back after the previous batch of phones cost a lot for few actual improvements.

All the aforementioned features and goodies, along with the Exyos 7, could turn things around. We’ll know more soon enough.

[Samsung Tomorrow]

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