This Sexist Site Promises to Teach You to Code

This has to be a joke. A site called CodeBabes recently launched to teach people how to code. So how does it plan to do that? CodeBabes offers twenty-two lessons, and, to keep you interested in progressing, for each quiz you pass, your CodeBabe instructor will seductively take off an article of clothing. I'm all for … [Read more...]

Code Talkers: Kentucky’s Law Counts Programming as High School Language Credit

About a week ago, Kentucky’s State Senate passed a bill that would allow public high school students to take computer programming classes in order to fulfill their foreign language requirement. According to an article in the Kentucky Courier-Journal, the vote passed with 28 votes to eight votes against, giving students the … [Read more...]

Codecademy Won’t Make You A Rockstar Coder, But You’ll Learn A Lot

I have a small confession to make. When the Codecademy "Code Year" projected started at the beginning of 2012, I excitedly jumped on board. I had some experience with ASP back in high school, but aside from that and some HTML, I had very little knowledge in the area of programming. Code Year kicked off and I completed one … [Read more...]

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