With companies such as Dell, StackOverflow, and others using C# as a language to power their backend operations, C# has emerged as one of the top 5 programming languages. C# courses are on the rise and companies are actively seeking developers who can work in this niche area.

Before we delve into the exact uses of C#, let us learn more about why you’d want to add this powerful language to your arsenal.

Why learn C#? 

C# was developed by Microsoft in 2000 as a rival to Java. This programming language has a syntax that is very similar to Java. C# is a high-level programming language, meaning much of its coding is in simple English.

What makes C# particularly appealing to software developers all over the world is that it is one of the simplest programming languages and any beginner can get a handle of it fairly quickly. It also works on any application. C# uses codes that are reusable, making it more efficient.

C# also has an adaptive garbage collection system along with a very strong memory backup. Since C# was developed by Microsoft, it has a tool for every application.

C# has a variety of applications, that include website development, mobile application development, and even compiler development. Unlike other languages present today, C# can be coded much faster because everything here is clearly defined.

C# also has an object-oriented framework which makes it highly scalable. It can also perform all tasks that C++ can do, in a much easier manner. It is the best language currently available for gaming development.

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Due to all of these impressive features, it is not surprising that C# is the fourth most popular programming language today. C# training courses are rapidly becoming popular.

Why is C# popular today and what are its uses?

1. Web development

C# works on the .NET framework. This framework supports a large number of programming languages, but out of these C# is the most popular because of its various applications. C# is mainly used to develop Windows applications because it is an object-oriented language. Due to its high level of abstraction and better performance statistics, it is much simpler to code. Garbage collection is also handled efficiently by C# itself. Since web development requires a higher level of language, C# that uses .NET language is actually targeted towards web development.

2. Build mobile apps

Since the smartphone has become a necessity in today’s technologically driven world, the number of mobile applications one can download from the play store or iOS is at its peak. Using C#, mobile applications can be developed in an efficient manner. This is a major reason why software developers nowadays consider C# as an essential skill to possess.

2. Safety

One major advantage of C# is that it performs memory manipulation on its own along with providing memory access. This actually is very essential in case of a memory leak. Also, any word that may affect the working of the operating system is highlighted during the compiling process, which can then be rectified.

3. Used for game development

C# uses the ‘Unity’ game engine for creating games. The ‘Unity’ engine today creates more than one-third of all games available online. This engine also creates virtual reality. Hence C# is used in many web development industries, making it a very important programming language.

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5. Class libraries

C# can also be used as an application that provides the functionality to other applications. This is done using the .NET 2.0 framework.

6. Reusable codes

A big advantage C# provides is that it can work with reusable codes as well. Unlike C++, this programming language has a memory backup which makes earlier code easy to find and use again. Since C# provides a programming language which is very simple to code and understands, it has numerous uses.

7. Easy to learn

C# is a hybrid of C and C++ and has a syntax quite similar to Java. So any software developer that has basic knowledge of the programming languages can learn C# much quicker. For newbies, this language is very simple and easy to grasp too.

8. Microsoft backing

Since C# was developed by Microsoft, it keeps getting updated frequently. C# is actually used by Microsoft to develop most of their own applications, including Office 365. Also, any query related to programming in C# can be easily solved because of the presence of a large online community.

Add C# to your coding arsenal

We have covered some of the most important uses of the ever-developing C# programming language. However, the language is vast, and evolves constantly due to its large community of developers and is only expected to grow. So, get going with it and incorporate C# into your repertoire today.

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