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With over 100 million players worldwide, poker has become the most lucrative sport in the world. What if we can use technology to globalize poker and to make the game more social by connecting people to play face to face in real-time? That is the question that motivated Or Ben-Shimon and Idan Shriki to establish Pokerface.

Think about 20 years ago when we used to sit around and play board games for fun. Fast forward to today and everything is digital – Monopoly and Candy Land have been replaced with video games such as Super Mario Bros and Fortnight. Pokerface was created to bridge the gap between old school poker and the digital world of gaming.

Pokerface is the world’s first mobile poker game that uses a group video chat to connect poker players from around the world. Founded in 2018 by two poker fans, this online poker game allows up to five users to place their bets – all in a way that simulates a real poker table experience.

“After years of missing our Saturday night poker games with our friends, we are thrilled that a truly social online experience is now accessible to everyone,” says Or Ben-Shimon, CEO and Co-Founder of Pokerface. “Pokerface gives the experienced and the novice a seat at the table, so anyone who wants to play poker now has the opportunity to do so, all on their smartphone.”

Pokerface uses video engagement and audio capabilities, so that users can feel like they are playing poker at the classic round, green table. Pokerface provides a safe and user friendly atmosphere for users to connect and play with friends, and friends of friends.

Poker has become a world-wide phenomenon and hobby for individuals old and young who enjoy playing games. The concept of Pokerface may be challenging to adapt to, considering online gaming takes away from the experience of sitting around a table with your friends and drinking an iced-cold beer. Do you think playing poker with friends online is going to simulate the same excitement? Despite these concerns, it seems that Pokerface is a great way to keep old traditions alive by connecting friends who live far away from one another. It’s also a way to  introduce new friends who want to play poker and don’t have the means to do so from the convenience of their home.

Pokerface, created by company Comunix, is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Comunix is the next generation of multiplayer games that unite people around games in the most realistic way through face to face.

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