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Kaspersky Mobile Security: Snake Oil to Cure Our Mobile Paranoia?

In the world of computer and Internet security, Kaspersky is relatively well-known for its vast user-base and extensive line of anti-virus products for home and small business users.  Over the last several years, Kaspersky has produced a number of widely used security products for personal computers.  One of their lesser-known products, however, has been aimed at an industry that is growing at exponential rates.  You guessed it; the mobile industry.  Kaspersky Mobile Security, as it is dubbed, has aimed at locking down Symbian and Windows Mobile OS devices; not only to protect the privacy of the end-user, but to protect the device from annoying malware threats as well.

Yesterday Kaspersky announced that their mobile security product line – which had previously only covered Symbian and Windows Mobile handhelds – was going to expand its horizons and focus on Android and BlackBerry smartphones as well.

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