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I received a question via my skribit widget on my blog asking “what is the best antivirus?” My personal favorite is NOD32 (not free), however, if you want a free solution I would recommend either Anti-Vir or Avast!.

NOD32 is an excellent choice due its light footprint (very light on system resources) and phenomenal definition files and heuristics.  It’s not a bad price either all things considered ($40/year subscription), especially if it can remove a virus from your computer without you having to bring in your PC to a local computer shop or GeekSquad, which of course, would save you money.

Another possible solution (not free) is Kaspersky which is the second best anti-virus on the market currently.

On the other hand, I do not recommend any Symantec or Mcafee products, nor do I recommend you buy those all in one security suites.  Both Symantec and Mcafee software over the past number of years has become very bloated and have poor definition files (often times do not catch most computer viruses).  The security suites are generally packed with software that is useless, bloated, and/or has better alternatives for either free or less money.

What anti-virus do you use?  Leave a comment!

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