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Businesses rarely think about where their web hosting server is located. Many companies choose a web hosting service or provider that is convenient to them. Other sites don’t consider hosting server location because of content delivery networks (CDNs). These work by creating a system of proxy servers, using existing data centers, which allows end-users to take advantage of having a nearby access point for higher performance, even when the business is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

However, businesses still need to think critically about the location of their chosen webmaster or hosting provider’s dedicated servers, as this can affect load times, sales and even SEO. Not to mention, the benefits of proper server location in web hosting can lead to more conversions and a healthier bottom line.

Faster Page Load Times

It’s no secret that close geographical proximity to the host server results in faster load times. When you consider how vital page load times are for today’s web and mobile users, then this is a significant consideration for any business choosing a web hosting server location. According to KissMetrics, a marketing analytics company, 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Thus, the location of your website’s server can make a big difference. When possible, you should aim to place it in a location central the majority of your customers. This is why many companies rely on CDNs because they make it possible to use servers in more areas and thereby serve more users with fast page loads. However, for a small business, it can be better to choose the location of your web hosting server yourself. For example, a webmaster servicing clients in North Carolina may look for homes for sale in Charlotte, NC, to provide a centralized location for their web hosting servers.

Higher Conversion Rates

When you’re able to produce faster load times with your page, this can translate into higher conversion rates. Again, users have no problem abandoning a page that takes too long to load. This is especially true for mobile users, where that abandonment rate after 3 seconds is even higher (over 50%)! By offering fast page loads with a localized web hosting service, you’re going to lose fewer users to site abandonment.

With more people actually visiting your site and not clicking away because it is taking too long to load, you have more chances to convert those visitors into customers.

Better Search Rankings

Local SEO is a significant factor for businesses looking to gain traffic. After all, you want customers in your immediate area to be able to find your business. That’s why local businesses optimize their pages with location-specific keywords. If your website’s hosting server is also in the area, it can improve your local SEO even more. That’s because search engine crawl bots can look at where your website is hosted to determine where your business might physically be located.

Plus, the page’s that demonstrate consistently fast load speeds and encourage users to stay on the site longer have higher dwell times, which is another crucial factor when search engines create their result rankings.


When it comes to the importance of server location in web hosting, it all boils down to speed. When your web hosting server is located near your business and its customers, you’ll experience faster load times, which translates into fewer abandonments, higher conversion rates, and better SEO. Thus, it is an essential factor for a business to consider.

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