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Google is just like your best friend who will always be there for you in time of need. For example, when you need to do homework, Google search has some life hacks to propose.

If you are sitting on the floor with your head down listening to the saddest song ever and you’re promising yourself to put on a more cheerful tune and never do, there is a 99% chance that you are a student who realized that most of your due dates fall on one week. Of course, instead of working you’re just procrastinating. What else are you supposed to do? All but study!

There is this very thin line between “there is no too much homework, I can just relax for the next week or two” and “there’s so much homework that I genuinely don’t see the point of starting to do it because I still won’t finish it in time”. In fact, the line between those two states of your mind is almost invisible because all deadlines are creeping on you like the best spies in the world. One moment and you have got your grades figured out and the next moment you’re just the biggest academic failure.

Okay, we weren’t planning on bombarding you with negative statements, you have your own head to produce them. We are actually here to help. We’ve got some very useful tips and search hacks or rather, what the internet now calls “life hacks” (lets just admit that this word combination has become too mainstream) which you’ll find wonderfully helpful. All you need is Google, seriously, that’s it. No, hold on, there is one more solution and I think it’s even more appealing because it will release you from a vicious circle of tons of homework. A great college homework helper should always be accessible so just save it somewhere and feel relaxed and calm because you have figured out how to succeed academically without putting too much effort. Your only effort will be going to Google to check out our life hacks.

Is It Possible to Get Free Education Nowadays?

Well, it’s hard to say for sure when it comes to official education but we are certain that it’s possible to get free knowledge. Do you see the difference between those two concepts? We just decided to throw a bit of philosophy into the text to shake up your thinking cap for a second or two. So even if you study for free you’ll still need to buy textbooks not just for homework but for classes as well. In most cases, students buy those books and certain professors will say to you that it’s mandatory. You must have checked out the prices already. So how impressive were they?

A set of textbooks for the whole term will not only cost you an arm and a leg but will most likely make you sell a kidney. No, we won’t encourage you to protest against a modern educational system. Because, firstly, is that even legal? And secondly, you can type a full name of a textbook in Google search bar (including an author is optional, you may try both variants in case one of them doesn’t work). Let me better show you: [name of a textbook] filetype: PDF. It’s supposed to work like magic. If you’ve been looking for a certain book to download for free and you couldn’t find it for days (and if the course isn’t that interesting, why would you bother spending a fortune on a book?), then try this hack. Pay attention to those punctuation marks though, they are crucial.

When Your Professor Is Useless

Well, it happens and I’m sorry if you’re stuck in a situation like this but if your professor doesn’t provide you with any kind of useful and applicable knowledge, then you’ll have to learn it yourself. Of course, the Internet seems like the best tool for it because it has absolutely everything you need. However, it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. You can easily get lost in tons of information. Besides, how many times when you were looking for some specific topic on Google, this hi-tech search monster got you completely wrong?

First and foremost, choose the exact topic and even if it’s super specific you will still be able to find only relevant information if you search it like this: [topic name] filetype: PPT. You will get exactly what you need in a form of presentations. You need to know for sure what logarithms are in order to solve an equation, right?

It’s Not the Most Beautiful Time of the Year

When exams are knocking at your door, you are going to use any help you can get. And of course, you will get it from us. Perhaps, a better way to prepare to exams will not only be studying loads of information trying to remember at least something (lets admit that you will just turn into an empty-headed creature the next morning) but practicing to pass an exam. There are many tests that you can find on the internet that students were passing in previous years.

Just type in this: site: edu [subject] exam and you will get the search results you never thought existed. If we are living in an era of advanced technologies, then there is simply no reason to avoid applying those in a studying process.

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