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I have decided to challenge myself for an entire week – I will only use Bing for searches.  That’s right – no Google, just Bing.  Why am I doing this?  Well, I have been a die hard Google user since I got on the Internet and to date I have not found a better way to search the web. I never liked Yahoo very much and I never liked Live search either (I should note I didn’t give it much of a chance though).  Nonetheless, I have used Google exclusively for years (as have most people). Today, however, that will change (at least for a week).  I will be attempting to make it through an entire week without searching the web with Google, instead, I will be using Bing for all of my daily searches and sources of information (knowledge, reviews, price comparison, etc).

I plan to make the most of this experience and keep an open mind.  I will do my best not to compare search relevancy based on what I know from Google results, but rather, how well Bing’s results answered my question or assisted me in finding what I was looking for, whether that be a review, the cheapest product, or how to troubleshoot a particular problem.  I will be evaluating Bing (and Bing alone) based on how it serves me throughout the entire week.  Next week I will have my review, thoughts, and opinions on Bing published.

Who knows, perhaps next week I will be a Binger.  Is that the proper term?  Until then, wish me luck!  I have already set Bing as my home page and not touched Google at all.  I’m approximately 4 hours into the challenge (since I woke up this morning).


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