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Cuil, the search engine which launched last July, brought a few new ideas to the world of search including larger text descriptions, timelines, categorically related searches, and streamlined video results. A couple of weeks ago Google introduced Google Search Options which can be found on the top left underneath the search bar (right under blue line).

These new options included streamlined video results, larger text descriptions, a timeline, and related searches. Google also implemented a few more options such as including images, a new feature called Wonder wheel, and also the ability to narrow down how recent or old you want the results to be.

You have to give Cuil some credit here, I even thought Google was going to start doing this once I saw Cuil. I’m surprised it took them almost a year to finally implement it though. I thought they would have the option for larger text descriptions within a few months. Nonetheless, it is good to see Google thinks there are other good ideas out there besides their own.  I mean, even Larry Page loves Twitter and the real-time idea behind it.

I have included a few screen shots (from Google) below which display the options I am talking about.



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