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When dealing with digital marketing, there is always a question “What content type should we choose for the website or social media channel?” Various types of content may link you to different types of customers. Ideally, the best way to fuel your sales is to have several types of content included. Here in this article, you will find out about the types of it.

Case studies

Case studies represent the detailed and scrutinized scenario of the specific situation that happened or may happen in real life. For example, you can show your clients how some of them were struggling with sales and what exactly you did and how it helped them in the result.

Case studies are useful, as they help you to target the audience. They concern the same problems that you demographic have and show them precise solutions to them. Additionally, you can use natural keyword targeting throughout the case.

Cases have detailed information with statistics, descriptions, etc. This kind of content is of better quality and is perceived better by clients. Furthermore, they contain information on how specific service work for a certain problem, numerating your services to the customers.

And the last, but not the least, most of the case studies has CTA (call-for-action). When the customer reads about you they will contemplate about solving the problem – after reading the case, they will reach out for more data and the help.

White papers

This digital content should focus on the specific problem and give solutions to it. Usually, white papers have a table of contents, and they highlight the main points of the issue that is being discussed. This is very similar to the students` essays that take a certain problem and analyze it. The same way you try to search for “someone to write an essay for me” you can easily find somebody to create a decent white paper.

White papers are frequently used for lead generation. When people decide to download a technical case study or reference guide they usually leave their emails that can be used by sales teams. If someone needs more detailed reports in any industry, then they will need to fill out the form with their company name, occupation, etc.

Valuable white papers are often placed behind the direct paywall, so it is one of the best ways for conversion. Landing pages help a lot to convert your customers into leads when they request another white paper.


This is the best way to visualize your information on one piece of paper in the way which is informative and simple as illustrations in the children`s book. Infographics do the bullet points of the main information that you would like to share with your audience. There are many free resources for the creation of infographics online, and you do not have to be a designer to create a template you need. For that, you can use Piktochart, Creately, .  

Blog posts

Blogs are one of the most influential forms of media. When doing digital marketing, many companies use blogging, as it is a very convenient way to write about anything and it is very easy to share it and find by Google. People usually enjoy reading them because of their informal style. This is a good way to establish a direct relationship with readers through the open conversations and high quality posts.

Short animations or Gifs

This is yet another way to put your information into creative cover. Watching full-size video with boring comments is unpleasant – this is why using animations and GIFs may shorten the time of delivering your point of view.

GIFs are one of the best ways to share content on social media. It is proven that visual content is better to remember and this type of content will stick to you very quickly. They are also mobile friendly and use internet slang in them. They are telling a story that makes your promotion more interesting and cheaper than video.


Social media runs on memes. Whether they are absurdly funny, absurdly true, or just plain absurd, memes are highly effective in visually communicating emotion and inspiring people to build upon or share ideas. And because a well-timed, #relatable meme can take your page from obscurity to Internet fame, people are turning to memes to promote everything from products and apps to social causes and ideas about humanity. You can make them very quickly by leveraging one of the free online meme generators which are easy to learn.

Final thoughts

When you think of content marketing, you can choose different options to target the audience you need. You can combine them and choose the one you like. Just be sure that the issue you describe suits the tool of choice. Sometimes if you describe some serious issue with the help of the blog, stop and think if it will be considered seriously.

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