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Candy hearts may no longer be an edible option for Valentine’s Day this year, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. We live in the digital age; one where we can express ourselves without the need for mistyped words and nonsensical puns on compacted sugar. As V-Day rapidly approaches, everyone is trying to figure out the best possible way to convey their love to someone they care about. No doubt that texts and calls will fly across time zones, first dates will ensue with a hint of anticipation, and fathers will be their daughter’s Valentines, leaving her a special gift basket and a daisy on her bedside table.

There’s a new tool on the block, though. One designed for the international masses specifically, so we can all send the perfect “I heart you” message without having to worry about distance or iPhone’s funny spellcheck.

Viber, one of the world’s most popular and encrypted messaging apps, decided they wanted to get in on the holiday fun and gift their global community with a “fun and engaging way” to express some heartfelt emotion this Valentine’s Day. The limited edition feature comes in the form of a heart-shaped instant video message –  the videos are 30 seconds in length, and can be recorded by holding the instant video icon to record and then releasing to send. Other options to express your appreciation and love to family, friends, and significant others are still available, too. Users can enjoy Viber stickers, GIFs, and colored-background chat messages known as “Shouts.”

Ofir Eyal, COO of Viber, expressed his own sentiment just in time for the launch of the holiday-themed feature;  “In 2018 alone, users globally sent over 6 billion love-related stickers and GIFs combined to express their love, heart, and emotions to those they wanted to share it with.”

Ofir continued, “With Viber, connecting now goes beyond touching base online. It means connecting emotionally to those you love and think about most, and by using our special heart-shaped instant videos this Valentine’s Day, users can make a lasting impression from anywhere in the world.”

One unique feature that may stir a little controversy amongst the masses is the auto self-destruct option, for what Viber is referring to as “those more ‘intimate’ messages that get sent on Secret Chats.” Naughty risk takers can rejoice thanks to this feature, and can get a little frisky if the convo calls for it this holiday, proving that Viber is still the safest and most private method of online communication.

The heart-shaped instant video feature will surely prove to be loads of fun for family, friends, and lovers across the globe, and is a nice surprise that will supplement the other love-related features the messaging service has to offer. This limited edition feature will go live on February 11th and will be available to Viber users until February 15th.

The heart-shaped instant video is available on the new Version 10 of Viber found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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