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A common question for webmasters around the web is “how do you improve your PageRank in Google?” The answer? Well, there is no one “secret way” to improve your PageRank in Google. There are a number of factors that go into it such as well-placed keywords, SEO, good titles, domain registration, and content are all important factors.

In order to achieve a desired PageRank you need to work hard, but the work isn’t too hard provided you do it right.

Write content often – daily, every other day, (at least) 3 times a week, some kind of schedule needs to be put into place. In your content include good keywords that are relevant to the topic being discussed – try and group the keywords together as much as possible. If you use blogging software such as WordPress or a content management system such as Drupal there are many extensions that help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – use them! Take time to configure them properly. Give your content a good title – very important especially if the title of the post is included in the URL – they also act as additional keywords. Lastly, register your domain for a long period of time such as 10+ years. Why? Well, Google sees it as “dedication”, because chances are if you register a domain that long it will be around, therefore they rank you a bit better than domains registered for 1, 2, and ever 3 years.

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