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Google Chrome (beta) set to be released tomorrow (September 2nd, 2008) is Google’s very own web browser which is believed by some to take on Microsoft Windows.  While it very well may be aimed at Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, I also think Google is aiming at Mozilla Firefox as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

  • Google recently re-signed their advertising deal with Mozilla adding three (3) more years to the contract knowing full well they had this browser in the works.
  • Google is developing their own phone operating system with Android and we know that it includes the ability for applications.

That being said, my thoughts at the moment are as follows, Google Chrome will remain in beta for roughly 3 years and appear in its final stages just before the advertising deal with Mozilla is done and you will see Google Chrome on Android based phones as the browser of choice.

Does Google have a shot at taking out Internet Explorer?  Sure, they have a pretty good shot.  As for where the future of operating systems lies whether it be web based or not this could very well be the first step towards a web based operating system.

Do they have a shot at Mozilla Firefox?  Well, they do have a shot and they most likely can succeed if they allocate their resources correctly (which based on company past history they generally do very well).  I think they are giving themselves 3 years to take over the market and if all fails, well, there’s always another advertising extension with Mozilla.

The last thing Google needs now is a complete flop tomorrow.  I’m also interested to see if they can break the download record and beat out Firefox.

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