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AdSense is Google’s advertising publishing program which works in conjunction with their AdWords program.  Web masters can use AdSense to publish ads on their website and generate revenue in return.  How exactly can you maximize your revenue with Google AdSense?  Here are 5 helpful AdSense tips to improve your earnings: Blending, Location, Content integration, Separate accounts, and don’t use standard banner ads.

Blending means try and make the ads as transparent as possible.  Make the ads look like they are part of your site – it will result in a higer CTR (Click Through Rate) which leads to more money.  Google does a pretty good job at providing you with the tools to customize the ads to match your site right off the bat; however, you can customize them even more provided you know some basic HTML/CSS.

Location is important!  Place your ads in places where people can and will see them.  The higher up on the page, the better.

Content integration is key and will dramatically improve your CTR.  Incorporate the ads within your blog posts – if you have video and/or images use them along with the ads.

Create separate accounts if necessary.  This is a tip most people aren’t aware of, if one of your sites has an extremely low CTR and your other site has a high CTR it will hurt your earnings.  If you must create a separate account (with a different identity – just make sure it’s real!) for the site with a poor CTR.

Don’t use banner ads exclusively.  Banner ads have been around forever, people know them and most importantly of all people hate them.  I’m not saying don’t use them, however, skyscraper ads, rectangle ads, square ads tend to work better.

Do you have any other AdSense tips?  Leave a comment!

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