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Finding decent web stats software for your website can be tough. You want software that meets your needs as a webmaster. I’m a fan of Google Analytics and Quantcast’s quantified program.

What I really love about Google Analytics aside from the basic statistics it provides (such as most other web stat software out there) is its most recent feature called Benchmarking.  What Benchmarking does is measures your site against sites of the same (relative term) size.  How does it work?  Well, it groups your site into sites of similar size which can contain from 10-100,000’s of sites (as far as I know there is really no way to tell how many sites are in your group), however, chances are the bigger the site the less sites in your group.  I also like how Analytics can keep track of your AdWords campaign – how many clicks, what they clicked, etc.

As for Quantcast’s program, it’s great for showing your stats off to advertisers and showing where you rank on the web.  It provides great demographic information along side with traffic data.  I find it much better (more accurate) than Alexa nowadays.

There are others out there as well such as StatCounter which I have used but am not too impressed with due to its limitations and poor control panel.  I also found that StatCounter’s script slowed down the loading time of my web pages whereas Analytics and Quantcast’s do not.

What web stats software do you use?  Leave a comment!

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