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Due to recent events surrounding internet privacy, like the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March and the multitude of privacy policy updates following the passing of the EU’s comprehensive GDPR in May, many Americans have begun to question just how safe their data is in the hands of key institutions.

To see what Americans think about the state of internet security and the safety of their data, TheBestVPN, a review website, surveyed 1,000 Americans to see how they feel about online security in 2018.

The results confirm that the population’s general sentiment concerning internet privacy is that of unease stemming primarily from fear of cyber attacks by hackers, but also from the fact that many Americans don’t understand how their data is collected or handled by companies. What’s more alarming is that many Americans, despite their misgivings, take no precautionary steps to improve their digital privacy or protect their data.

The issue is likely one of convenience: One-third of respondents claimed that they have not made any effort to improve their security or read a privacy policy. Rather than taking the time to bolster security by way of implementing two-factor authentication or creating longer, complex passwords, Americans instead opt to do nothing.

So, the question remains: What will it take for Americans to take internet privacy seriously?

To view the full results of the study, please see the infographic below:

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