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There’s something about movies that brings families together, keeps kids occupied and makes us forget about our complicated lives for a while and escape to on-screen worlds. The CINEMOOD is a portable projector that simplifies watching movies anytime and anywhere.

Easy to Set Up

When you don’t use your TV to watch content, the setup process before viewing usually requires cables or connecting a plug to a wall outlet — and sometimes both. However, one of the convenient things about the CINEMOOD is it doesn’t need either one of those. It’s a standalone product that meets your media-viewing needs.

It Fits in Your Hand

Some people balk at buying so-called portable equipment because it’s too bulky to carry around easily, despite what the product category implies. The CINEMOOD is different. It measures only three inches square and fits in the palm of a hand.

A Kid-Friendly Product

The CINEMOOD has directional buttons that are so simple to use — even kids can change the direction of the projector beam to shine it on a blank surface. Plus, if you buy the CINEMOOD and activate it in the United States or Canada, the portable projector includes a library of several dozen Disney cartoons and stories.

Also, the team behind the CINEMOOD seem to know children get bored seeing the same content again and again. To avoid that issue, the manufacturers equipped the portable projector with over 120 hours of additional content for kids to keep them entertained. Beyond that, you can stream content from YouTube Kids.

Content for Adults, Too

Even though CINEMOOD has a substantial amount of content for kids, the projector caters to grown-ups as well. Use it to stream content from your Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or YouTube accounts. CINEMOOD doesn’t have integrated content for adults, and that’s a negative point if you don’t use streaming services often. For most people though, the compatibility with content providers is more than sufficient.

Show Your Photos and Videos With the Projector

Maybe you’ve just gotten back from a vacation in Ireland filled with beautiful scenery and moments you’ll never forget, or you’re eager to fill people in about all the festivities of a recent wedding. If you took videos and pictures during your experiences, it’s possible to show them off to your friends and family members using the CINEMOOD.

Other Things to Know

The CINEMOOD projects images of up to 12 feet, making it a worthy gadget to use when showing stuff to a big audience. It also has a noiseless cooling system, so your viewing sessions don’t get disrupted by a whirring fan.

The battery lasts up to five hours per charge, which is good news when watching extended versions of a cinematic classic. Also, you can use your Apple Watch as a remote control. If you don’t own one, download the CINEMOOD app for Android or iOS to serve the same purpose.

A Few Possible Downsides

Some pitfalls characterize most products, and that reality applies to the CINEMOOD. The projector had a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2016, but now you can buy it directly from the manufacturer’s website. The projector costs $399.00 though, so it’s not cheap.

Depending on your viewing habits, you may decide to buy a similar device such as a portable DVD player. It wouldn’t have pre-loaded content but could offer you more options at a less expensive cost.

Also, purchasers who wrote Amazon reviews mention the picture clarity isn’t great, especially as the size of the projection gets larger. People also say the audio coming from the internal speakers sometimes sounds muffled. On a positive note, you can connect external speakers via Bluetooth.

A Family-Friendly, Ultra-Portable Projector

Many of the people who seem happiest with this product have kids. They also enjoy the freedom of being able to watch content anywhere that offers a flat surface, whether they’re camping and projecting the image on the side of a tent or lying in bed and aiming the projector up at the season.

If these scenarios sound like situations you often face — and the steep price tag doesn’t deter you — a CINEMOOD might be a worthy addition to your tech collection.

Another possible solution is the Pocket-sized Portable HD Projector, an advanced portable projector on the market, bringing next-generation technology to your hands.

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