How to arm your employees against sophisticated cyber attacks

Time and again, various vulnerabilities are being discovered to hurt the IT services industry in more ways than one. Think of how much impact and money you’ll be reeling from as your business or IT operations suffer from one or more cyber attacks such as data breaches, theft of intellectual property, or … [Read more...]

Don’t assume apps are safe: why app security is becoming crucial

As the app world continues to grow and become a more complex beast, the threat of attacks from cyber criminals naturally becomes more acute. Indeed, while it was once assumed that mobile apps were less of a target than insecure websites, it's now clear that isn't the case. Take, for example, the recent … [Read more...]

Protect your privacy: How to detect malware on your smartphone

Every now and then, practically everyone downloads a virus or clicks on an unsafe email attachment and gets their device infected by malware. These situations happen so often that most of us take them for granted. However, you have to be aware that these mundane attacks may end up costing you a lot more than … [Read more...]

How to check if you have been compromised by a security breach

As long as people store information online or in "the cloud" there will be people out there looking to compromise your account and gain unauthorized access to that data, including usernames, passwords, emails, credit card information, and more. Clearly the answer isn't to not store your data online--that … [Read more...]

How to keep your home safe from cyber criminals

These days, burglars choose their victims by simply logging in to Twitter or Facebook. A study suggests that about 80% of criminals use social media websites to know recent expensive purchases and gauge security and ease of access of residential houses. A convicted burglar told interviewers that criminals … [Read more...]

Hackers beware! Sixgill shines light into the deepest depths of the dark web

In recent months we’ve seen a host of cyber attacks on individuals, companies, and organizations, causing great damage and disruption to the victims. Earlier in the year it was revealed that a hack on the Central Bank of Bangladesh stole $81 million, and that the Democratic National Committee suffered a major … [Read more...]

Octopus attempts to wrap its tentacles around total security

In today’s world it seems that everywhere you go, you run into some form of security. In banks, schools, and even malls, we have cameras capturing our every movement on CCTV, security officials and sometimes even police officers guarding entrances and maneuvering through the crowds assessing the situation. At … [Read more...]

A Smartphone Never Forgets: Surveillance In The Digital Era

Surveillance in the digital era has emerged as a far different beast than it was back when the government had to tap household phones or monitor mail correspondence to gain access to our private lives. Today's constant, rapid use of social media, digital communications and online message boards makes … [Read more...]

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