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I called Finally Fast to see what I could find out about their software and to show how much of a scam it really is. Not only was I hung up on twice and accused of calling before (I only called today) to stir trouble, but the people who answer the phones openly admit they know absolutely nothing about the software or the website.

This is a must-watch video. It’s really an eye opener to everyone that people will sell you products they know nothing about. I, myself, am shocked they openly admitted not knowing anything about the product – I did not expect that at all.

I’ll say it once more, stay away from Finally Fast!

By the way, since someone asked on YouTube I’ll mention it here as well – I do not use Windows 98 – I have a Mac Pro which is running OSX (10.5.6).  I do not have dial-up either, I have a cable connection.

Note: Sorry about the out-of-sync audio and video – not sure what happened with the uStream recorder.

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