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My girlfriend Mandy pointed this commercial out to me this morning and I decided I had to make a video on it warning everyone about it. which is owned by a company called Ascentive has a few products they have recently been heavily promoting, namely, PC SpeedScan Pro, Active Speed, PC Scan and Sweep, and lastly, Spyware Striker Pro. Stay away from any of these applications they are a complete scam.

First of all, the claims they make are completely ridiculous. You cannot speed up your Internet connection by 375% by simply running an application whether it be Cable, DSL, or Dial-up. Their advertisements are completely bogus if you notice they use Macintosh computers in the ads, while the application only runs on Windows. Additionally, they say on their website that they were featured in Newsweek, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal however do not provide a link to the write-ups on any of the websites – a bit strange if you ask me.

I do not trust any application that claims it will clean out registry errors or remove “orphaned” entries. These applications generally can find problems on brand-new computers with a fresh install of Windows. Do not buy this software. If you need to remove spyware and/or adware from your computer please download and install Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

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