Finally!  Eight months after announcing Graph Search to the world, Facebook has just finished rolling out Graph Search to everyone on the social network who is using US English as their language of choice.  Now that the roll out is completed, Facebook has said that they now plan to work on adding additional features such as the ability to search for specific posts and comments, as well as the ability to use Graph Search on mobile.

I personally hate these super-slow roll outs that Facebook does, as I think they kill the hype around the products because people get tired of waiting for them.  I only received Graph Search a month or so ago and as I wrote about previously, that’s the major difference between Facebook and Google.  Facebook takes forever to get products into people’s hands, yet when Google announces something they typically have the beta ready to go or some kind of preview available to signup for (which is available shortly thereafter).  And I think that helps keep people interested.

Graph Search can definitely be useful for finding people or photos, as well as for recommendations based on your friends likes, etc.  However that being said, I don’t use it that often, at least so far.  We’ve also covered how people are using Graph Search — that’s definitely worth checking out.  Have you tried Graph Search?  What do you think of it?

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