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Looks like Yahoo! is planning to reveal a new logo in September.  The company released a video on YouTube showing off several variations of the company’s logo (you can see one of the variations above), however, the final version will be unveiled on September 5.

“We also want to preserve the character that is unique to Yahoo! — fun, vibrant, and welcoming — so we’ll be keeping the color purple, our iconic exclamation point and of course the famous yodel. After all, some things never go out of style,” the blog post says.

Yahoo! has been busy reinventing itself lately with the major $1.1 billion Tumblr acquisition and most recently the acquisition of social browser, Rockmelt for somewhere between $60 and $70 million.  Now with over 20 acquisitions under her belt as Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer is looking to continue her efforts to revitalize the company — this time with a new logo.

You can see a video showing off some of the Yahoo! logo revisions below.

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