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I returned from my vacation yesterday to find the following email in my inbox.  It was an email from the backup service I use (Carbonite) informing me that my backup was over a week old along with some troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue if I in fact was not aware that Carbonite wasn’t backing up my files.

To me, this is worth mentioning and I give Carbonite huge props for this email.  Yes, it is just an email, but it is an email informing me of something which could prove invaluable to me.  When you are a company that provides a service (in this case backup) that keeps personal information, files, valuables of any kind it is your job to make keep your customers informed if anything were to happen to them.  In this case, since my computer was turned off Carbonite was unable to backup my files, but if something was wrong and for some reason Carbonite was not backing up properly that email could be a life saver.

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