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ExpanDrive is an OSX SFTP client created by Magnetk that provides seamless integration into Finder. It really, just works. Configuration is simple and easy, as well. It will mount the servers drive you are connecting to directly in Finder which allows you to work with the remote machine as if it was part of the OSX environment. You can drag and drop, edit, delete, add files all as if you working within OSX. A slight note here, I always recommend if you are making major edits/changes to a particular file that is on a production server that you do it locally first, then upload it to the server.

So how is ExpanDrive different from other OSX FTP clients?  Well, aside from the seamless integration and transparency between your computer and the server, ExpanDrive uses port 22 (SSH port) instead of the traditional port 21 (FTP port) to allow for a secure connection to the server.

Magnetk also has a Windows version of this software called SftpDrive which I will have another review up for shortly.

What (S)FTP client do you use on Windows and/or OSX?  Leave a comment!

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