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Google a company which is constantly introducing and improving their search engine and other services all without the people who use their services realizing it until after the fact (if at all).  Recently Google changed their iconic favicon – for those who are not exactly sure what a favicon is it’s the icon (little graphic) that appears in the address bar of your browser.

I noticed the change when I went to check my Adsense account information.  At first, I was not sure if it was just an Adsense thing or if it was a global change.  As it turns out it is in fact a global change, however, on my custom iGoogle page it is still the old favicon, but that may be my browser cache.

Here are the two favicon’s side by side:

Old: New:

Which do you like better?  The new one is nice, but it doesn’t really match the Google logo which leads to me to believe there will be further changes in the near future – perhaps a new logo?  Google is so subtle with their changes and aquisitions, it’s truly amazing.  Most of the stuff they do comes straight from left field.  In a time when it’s almost impossible to keep things secret they sure do an excellent job.

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