Talking tech since 2003 is a new site that is dedicated to determining whether a file is good or bad – meaning whether it is safe to have on your computer or if it is a malicious file. The site is still brand new and is constantly being updated with new file listings. It currently has listings for over 54,000 files.

The lists are divided into different categories pertaining to different types of files from Explorer / Internet Explorer components such as BHO’s (Browser Helper Objects), Toolbars, and Search Hooks to startup entries, autoruns, and AppInit_DLLs to name a few.

In order to differeniate files the website has created a status key (as shown below) which will tell you immediately whether a particular file is good, bad, open to debate, or currently in an unknown state.

Status Key:
X = Malware, spyware, adware, or other potentially unwanted items
L = Legitimate items
O = Open to debate
? = Currently unknown status

I should also note the list is not “owned” by a company, it’s driven by a group of people who have been in the anti-malware/spyware community for quite a while and are very well respected.  They are not beholdent to anyone so I can assure you the list will be as truthful as possible.  If you wish to help and contribute to the list you can too!  Just follow this link.

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