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Thanks to for providing the software to review and giveaway. mp3VideoRaptor allows you to download video/audio files from various sites online such as YouTube, AOL, MyVideo, etc. It provides a number of features allowing you to convert files to a number of video and audio formats with ease.  You also have full control over the format you convert your downloaded video and audio files to – ranging from WMV, MP4, MPEG4, PSP format, different cell phone formats to MP3, Ogg, WMA, WAV, M4A, etc.  It even can synchronize with your mobile devices such as an iPod.

The three main features include the ability to search the supported sites within the application itself and download the content directly to your computer.  The second feature is called Autoload which is essentially built-in presets for searching – once you select one of the presets it will autoload all of the content available allowing you to download what you choose.  The third feature (and my favorite) is the Surf & Catch feature which (as long as the program is open) will show any available content to be downloaded as you surf supported download sites such as YouTube.

The software also provides a built-in player which allows you to play all of your downloaded content directly from the program itself making it nice and easy to view or listen to the content.  Some other nice features include the ability to create ring tones with the media files you have downloaded or currently have on your hard drive simply by clicking a button and following four (4) simple steps.  The ring tones can be transferred with or without a data cable depending on the options you select making it very easy to get the ring tone onto your phone.

The software is pretty cool and does exactly what it says it will. I hope to see more and more sites supported in the future as new ones appear.

Remember we have 25 licenses to giveaway! So start thinking about how we should do it. Best idea gets the first license!  Email me your ideas through the contact page.

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