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The internet is a big place, between the web and other protocols that make up the massive network, there’s always something happening on it. But what exactly happens each second on the internet? Well, you’re about to find out with this cool infographic created by the fine folks at UnboxingDeals.

Every second on the internet…

  • 2,488,887 emails are sent to people already drowning in their inbox
  • 34,875 GB of internet traffic passes through the network
  • 22 WordPress posts are published (hey, I’m contributing!)
  • 1,160 Tumblr posts are made
  • 3 million Google searches are performed (have to wonder how many are done in Google Chrome’s incognito window)
  • 122,373 YouTube videos are viewed
  • 2,121 Skype calls happen
  • 1,286 hours of Netflix content is streamed
  • Amazon gets an average of $3,400 in transactions
  • eBay gets an average of $680 in transactions
  • 6 New Facebook profiles are created (there are 3.2 billion internet users and Facebook currently has 1.65 billion active users — that’s half the internet population. Crazy!)
  • 469,445 Facebook Likes
  • 7,203 Tweets are posted to Twitter (did you know that 44 percent of registered Twitter users have never sent a Tweet?)
  • 162 Pins make their way onto Pinterest
  • 4,745 Snapchat snaps are shared
  • 69,444 Snapchat videos are viewed
  • 305 Reddit votes are cast
  • 721 photos are uploaded to Instagram (but how many are selfies?)
  • 28,935 photo likes happen on Instagram
  • 486,111 WhatsApp messages are sent


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