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Attention all graphic and web designers who aren’t the best coders — I have  a new web service just for you.  It’s called Webydo.  Webydo is a website creation service unlike any other I have ever seen before.  Not only is it easy to use, it is also completely customizable in terms of what you can design with it, and perhaps the best part is you don’t need to know a lick of code.

The idea for Webydo came out of a personal need for such a product.  Co-founders Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz were running a web agency when the light went on that a product such as Webydo would be a valuable tool for designers of all types.  At its core, Webydo hopes to empower designers by allowing them to design high quality, fully functional websites without the need for manual coding.

Before you jump to the conclusion that Webydo is just another WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you should know that with Webydo the entire canvas is available to you, every single pixel can be modified to your liking.  To start off building your site, you can use one of Webydo’s several awesome templates (which are customizable to the fullest extent) or you can start from scratch with a blank canvas.  Additionally, all websites created on Webydo have W3C valid code and will function properly across web browsers.

Currently, Webydo offers two types of plans for designers — free and paid.  The free plan lets you can create a site (limited to 15 pages) and host it as a subdomain of The paid plan is $8/month (paid annually) or $10/month (paid monthly), and provides you with the ability to create unlimited pages for your website as well as the option to use your own domain name.  Additionally, I have been told that if you have some technical knowledge (or if you contact Webydo, they will help you) you can also take the code from a site you create with Webydo and upload it to your own server as well.  It’s also worth noting that the company is currently developing a button that will export your code as well.

Once you signup, you can start building a website immediately with the Webydo studio. Within the studio you can do all kinds of things like implementing images, videos, widgets, flash, galleries, forms, menus, and more directly into your template.  The studio makes it easy to drag each component of the design around and place it wherever you want.  It really couldn’t be easier.  Webydo even has built-in keyboard shortcuts, which is great as it can speed up your workflow.

Webydo also offers the option to optimize your site for search engines, every page can be individually search engine optimized.  And I’m not just talking about page titles and meta descriptions either.  You can configure page authors, add Google site verification, change how often GoogleBot should check your page, modify the page URL, and more.

When it comes to WYSIWYG editors, Webydo is by far the most impressive one I have ever seen.

Check out this design I started to mockup in Webydo to get an idea of what you can do.


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