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Malwarebytes, the company behind the popular Anti-Malware software, announced that it has launched Malwarebytes Secure Backup, the first online backup service that automatically scans files for malware prior to backup.  This important for a couple of reasons, the first major reason being that it will keep you from reinfecting your computer down the road if you restore from a backup.

The second big reason it’s important is because it will help prevent people from sending infected files to others.  Malwarebytes Secure Backup offers the ability for users to send people download links to files via email, which is much safer than sending an attachment, especially since you know it has already been scanned and is malware-free.

“Most people think secure backup solutions like Carbonite or Mozy can be a cure for a compromised machine after they have trouble,” said Marcin Kleczynski, founder and CEO of Malwarebytes. “The fact is, backups should be done when the machine is not infected, since restoring infected data will just re-establish the malware, and render the backup useless. The malware must be removed before backup.”

Once you purchase a subscription to Malwarebytes Secure Backup, you will also need to download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (if you do not already have it) on your PC.  This allows your files to be scanned before having them backed up.  I should also note that both the free and PRO versions will work with your subscription to the Secure Backup product.

Malwarebytes Secure Backup is also the company’s first real step outside of the PC market. With mobile apps for both iOS and Android, you can securely backup your contacts and photos on your mobile devices.  Additionally, with the mobile app, you can view and/or share any files you already have backed up from your PC.

Another really nice aspect of Malwarebytes Secure Backup is that it allows you to back up as many devices and drives as you want using a single license, which is practically unheard of on competing services where a single license only covers one computer.  As for why Malwarebytes is allowing as many devices and drives to be backed up on a single license, I was told by Mr. Kleczynski, “We want to enforce the idea that backup is a critical pillar to security,” he went on to say, “this is a message we really want to drive home.”

And as you would expect, security is built-in from the ground up.  All data is transmitted using military-grade encryption and stored within a U.S.-based SSAE 16 certified data center (meaning it’s super secure — no one is getting in there to steal it).  The service also offers a feature called UltraSafe, which allows you to create a custom encryption key to ensure that no one else can access their data.  So if you have that enabled and someone did break into the data center and happened to steal your data, you would still be secure.

Malwarebytes Secure Backup is currently supported on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, iOS, and Android.  In terms of pricing, there are three different packages available, including 100GB for $59.95 per year, 200GB for $119.95 per year, and 500GB for $299.95 per year.

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