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Firefox is a common browser alternative to Internet Explorer on Windows or Safari on the Mac. One of the things I love about Firefox is the extensions available for it. There are an abundance to choose from that extend functionality and/or add features. My most commonly used extensions include the following:

Tab Mix Plus provides extended session manager capabilities among other things – very handy extension my personal favorite.

Video DownloadHelper allows you to download video files from YouTube and similar sites with ease.

Download Statusbar replaces the tradional download manager in Firefox by placing a status bar on the bottom of Firefox when you download files off the web.  Keeps things clean and simple.

Forecast Fox adds a little weather bug down in your Firefox status bar allowing you to keep tabs on the latest weather in your local area.

Glasser adds the Windows Vista glass frame to Firefox.

Firesizer allows you to see what your web page looks like in various screen resolutions – very handy for web developers.

AdSense Notifier displays your latest AdSense information including impressions, clicks, CTR, CPM, earnings, and RPC right in your status bar.

DownThemAll is an enhanced download manager for Firefox with a built in download accelerator.

RAMBack clears Firefox’s internal caches and helps reduce memory usage.

GSpace allows you to use your Gmail account as additional storage for files.

What Firefox extensions do you use?  Leave a comment!

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