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Recently I have received a lot of questions about transferring bookmarks from one browser to another. Here I’ll show you have to import and export your bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Importing and exporting bookmarks (Favorites) in Internet Explorer is very easy, simply go to File -> Import and Export and follow the wizard – that’s it. From there you can either import bookmarks or export your bookmarks as an htm (html) file which can then be imported into any browser such as Firefox, Safari, etc.

Importing bookmarks in Firefox is just as easy. In fact, if you are on Windows and you install Firefox when you launch it for the first time it may ask you if you would like to import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer. However, if it does not, go to Bookmarks and click Organize Bookmarks -> Click the Import/Export button and select either Import HTML or Export HTML (depending on what you want to do). Once you have done that, follow the wizard it will walk you through the process of either importing your bookmarks from another browser or a file (such as the html file you exported from Internet Explorer).

In Safari, click File -> Import Bookmarks or Export Bookmarks (again, depending on your task) -> Import your HTML file from the other browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). Exporting them is simple, just click the Export button and save it to a location of your choice.

These steps should be similar for almost all browsers including Opera.

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