I was just walking home from the gym and I ran into my UPS delivery man on my way up the stairs to my apartment, so of course, I ask him “so how many iPhone’s did you deliver today?” to which he replied, “a lot!”  He then went on to tell me that UPS is delivering 800,000 iPhone 4S devices today company-wide.  That’s a lot.  And remember, those are just pre-orders that made it into the “Delivers by October 14th” grouping.  So, yes, that is a lot of phones.

Am I surprised?  Not really, especially considering over 1 million iPhone 4S’s were sold in the first 24 hours.  I’m curious to know how many were sold in store throughout the day today.  Guess we will have to wait and find out.

Did you get an iPhone 4S today?

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  • Picked up the 64gb Black AT&T. I let the cute little apple geek girl talk me into the $99 Apple Care + crap but it’s alright.

  • I delivered alot of iPhone’s for UPS today. Interesting, only a couple on my route came direct from Apple. Most were Verizon and one was Sprint…

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