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Have you ever come across a tweet that was so interesting, informative, or funny that you just had to share it with someone who isn’t on Twitter? I can’t say with honesty that I have, but Twitter is betting that such people exist. That’s why, today, the company has rolled out a new feature that allows users to share tweets with non-Twitter users via email.

So, how does it work?

When you click on the “More” option below a tweet — which I don’t seem to have access to yet — you’ll be presented with an “Email Tweet” option. On the desktop version of the website, an overlay box will appear on the screen, allowing you to type in an email address and a brief message to go along with the tweet. On the mobile site, the tweet will be sent through your default email app. If you don’t have the feature yet, don’t fret; as I said, I don’t either, and Twitter has stated that the roll-out will happen over the next couple of weeks.

Twitter, of course, hopes that this feature will drive more users to the platform; that, perhaps, a Twitter user will share one single tweet that they like with a friend or family member who isn’t on the service, and that friend or family member will finally see what they’re missing out on and get in on the Twitter fun. I’m not sure it’ll work out that way. Twitter has had a great deal of success, no question, but I still view it as an “acquired taste” kind of social network. It doesn’t feel as much a necessity as Facebook in terms of leading a normal life, and some people simply aren’t interested in becoming a part of it.

As time goes on, we’ll find out whether or not this feature is a worthy addition to Twitter, or if it’s something that is sparingly used. If anything, I think the feature might catch on the most with the teen users of Twitter, who will find the ability to keep their friends updated on the latest Justin Bieber tweets quite delightful. For the older set, though, I’m not positive that the “Email Tweet” feature will have quite the impact the company thinks it will.

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