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It used to be the world’s infrastructure relied on planes, trains, and automobiles — and to an extent it still does, but that is changing. We are moving towards a society that is very data and information driven, and if you think we’re already like that, it’s only bound to become more the case going forward. Today, and even more so in the future, the infrastructure we will rely most on will be how we can connect to the Internet.

The way we connect to the Internet and how fast our connection is will be very important. This is something Google knows. Google is looking to be a vital part of the Internet’s infrastructure going forward, and I mean in more ways than just being a search engine. The roll out of super fast Internet in Kansas City, I believe is just the beginning for the company.

I fully expect Google to expand its fiber-optic network across the country in an effort to not only provide customers with faster Internet, but also, to own the infrastructure used to provide those speeds. The reason for this is simple, not only will Google be able to provide better web services to people because they have faster Internet speeds, but they will also have additional revenue streams coming in from those customers. A win-win.

But I don’t think Google will stop there. If you look at the recent report by the WSJ that Google is in talks with Dish to launch a wireless service, it further validates the thought process here. If Google controls the extremely high speed fiber-optic network across the country and also provides a wireless network — just let that sink in for a second.

That’s a lot of key infrastructure control right there.

Now looking back at Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, not only would they control the actual infrastructure, but they would also control a percentage of Android smartphones on the market, meaning their reach is literally everywhere.

Of course, if this is the master plan, they may face some challenges in Congress over concerns about the company becoming a major monopoly, but all of this remains to be seen. Either way, talk about world domination. Do no evil, Google. Do no evil.

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