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Tweetie 2 for the iPhone was released back in October, but shortly before the release of Tweetie 2 on the iPhone Loren Brichter made an annoutncement that Tweetie 2 for Mac would arrive shortly after the iPhone version.  However, here we are in March 2010 still Tweetie 2 for Mac-less.  There hasn’t been much talk about Tweetie 2 for Mac lately either (until Today).  So what’s the deal?  This morning a number of people started noticing that MacHeist has a small Tweetie for Mac looking icon on their page.  What makes it interesting is that it is somewhat hidden and the picture is titled “LookOverThere.png“.

Now the rumors are flying.  Will Tweetie 2 for Mac be released as part of the MacHeist nanoBundle 2?  It is possible.  In fact, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.  The current nanoBundle isn’t doing much for me.  I haven’t purchased it yet, but I would if Tweetie 2 for Mac was included – without a doubt, I would be all over that.

If in fact this is true and it will be part of the bundle, it’s a great move by atebits.  It already got people talking about the product and it will help boost awareness about the new release.  The hype over the original Tweetie for Mac and Tweetie 2 for iPhone has died down considerably over the past few months without any updates or further information from Loren himself.

Tweetie for Mac has been lacking so many of Twitter’s new features now for quite sometime – I have looked at other alternatives.  While I still use Tweetie for most of my tweeting (desktop and iPhone wise).  I’ve started to integrate other services such as CoTweet and HootSuite into my routine as well.  In order for Tweetie for Mac to succeed at this point in the game it needs a serious overhall in features and some design tweaks.  If anyone can pull this off, Loren is the guy.

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