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BlackBerry continues to tighten its purse strings and clean house–even top executives and global recording stars aren’t safe.  Alicia Keys will depart her role as “global creative director” for the smartphone, software and services provider as of January 30th, CTV News reports.  This news come just about a year after the announcement was made at the big BlackBerry 10 event last January.

At the time of the announcement we wrote, “it’s hard to tell at this point whether the position is a serious one, or if BlackBerry is just cashing in on Keys’ name recognition to give BlackBerry 10 a boost.”  And just a couple weeks ago we wrote in our article titled, The Award for Biggest Tech Failure of 2013 Goes to… “After a year of not hearing anything from BlackBerry about Alicia Keys, I think we can all safely say that it was just a stunt.  And a failed one at that.”

Looks like we were right on the money.  This girl has been fired.

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