BlackBerry Restructuring Ends, Hiring Begins

Today, Reuters reports that BlackBerry CEO John Chen sent a memo out to his employees last week to let them know that the company’s dark period is, hopefully, coming to a close. After a three year process of restructuring, that included a 60 percent reduction in workforce, BlackBerry will begin hiring new employees, … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Successfully Stops Sales of Typo iPhone Case With Injunction

Nearly four months after filing a lawsuit against Typo, the company funded in part by television personality Ryan Seacrest, for patent infringement, BlackBerry has managed to secure an injunction successfully stopping the sale of Typo's one and only product currently on the market, the iPhone case of the same name. Typo's … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Will Go Back to Its Roots, Focus on Phones with Physical Keyboards

"The focus is going to be very keyboard centric," BlackBerry CEO John Chen told Reuters in a new interview published today. For over a year now, BlackBerry has been trying to push consumers smartphones that have looked and felt more like an Apple iPhone or your average Android device than a traditional BlackBerry devices of … [Read more...]

BlackBerry CEO is Very Upset About Product Leaks, Threatens Legal Action

Mere days after a private beta build of an upcoming version of the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 update leaked onto the web, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has posted a rather angry blog post on the official BlackBerry blog swearing revenge on individuals who "falsely posed" as an employee of a BlackBerry partner in order to "obtain … [Read more...]

BlackBerry 10.3 Beta Build Leaks, Reveals Voice Assistant

A previously unheard of BlackBerry 10.3 Beta build has just leaked onto the web, giving us a sneak peak at some of the changes that the company formerly known as RIM has in store for us for 2014. While there's not too terribly much new here - this is still very much the same Blackberry 10 we've come to know and, well, … [Read more...]

Nearly All T-Mobile BlackBerry Trade-Ins Have Switched to a Competing Platform

The bad news keeps coming in for former smartphone giant BlackBerry. You may recall that T-Mobile has been running a high value trade-in promo, encouraging BlackBerry users to trade-in their old and busted phones for $200 towards a new smartphone. The promotion appears to be going over remarkably well for our favorite … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Tries Again, Announces New Z3 and Q20 Smartphones

Poor BlackBerry. After seeing just about no success with the flagship BlackBerry Z10, an absolutely disastrous launch of the QWERTY BlackBerry Q10, and no further luck with the BlackBerry Z30, to say the company's portfolio of BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones have gotten off on a rocky start would be just about the … [Read more...]

WhatsApp to Add Voice Calls Later This Year

What's up with WhatsApp?  Well, besides the mega $16 billion purchase by Facebook announced last week, the popular messaging service announced it will add voice calls later this year. WhatsApp announced during a Mobile World Congress event today that it would be adding voice services to iOS and Android during the second … [Read more...]

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