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Nearly four months after filing a lawsuit against Typo, the company funded in part by television personality Ryan Seacrest, for patent infringement, BlackBerry has managed to secure an injunction successfully stopping the sale of Typo’s one and only product currently on the market, the iPhone case of the same name. Typo’s case adds a BlackBerry style plastic keyboard to the bottom of any iPhone, allowing users to type with a physical keyboard rather than having to rely on the more imprecise on-screen keyboard.

Judge William Orrick, who is working on the case, had the following to say regarding this weekend’s milestone:

BlackBerry has established a likelihood of proving that Typo infringes the patents at issue and Typo has not presented a substantial question of the validity of those patents. In addition, the balance of equities and the public interest weigh in favor of granting a preliminary injunction.

Typo has of course promised to appeal the decision, saying that the company is “disappointed” in Judge Orrick’s decision and that they have no plans to stop producing and selling “innovative products that busy people can’t live without. BlackBerry, meanwhile, praised the decision and reiterated that they “will not tolerate the deliberate use of our iconic design without proper permission.”

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