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T-Mobile is dead set on making itself out as a maverick in the stuck in its ways wireless carrier industry, and today the guys in pink (or is it magenta?) have announced on the official T-Mobile company blog anther big change in the way they do business – the discontinuation of the employee discount.

For years now, carriers have offered pretty hefty discounts for employees of certain partner companies as a way to get a whole mass of people to sign with them. It’s worked well enough in the past, as even I used AT&T for a time due to a significant discount my father had gotten on a family plan through his company. But T-Mobile CEO John Legere, always one with no shortage of words, says that they “aren’t playing that game anymore,” and will be ending the program for all on April 1st.

Instead, partner company employees will be eligible for a $25 T-Mobile reward card every time they upgrade their phones. The move is sure to ruffle the feathers of those employees who previously got much better savings than that through the carrier, but I suppose $25 is better than nothing.

T-Mobile has been changing the way it operates under John Legere for quite some time now, and the company says it isn’t done yet. Legere ended today’s announcement by confirming that there they’re “not done yet” with the changes, telling everybody to “stay tuned” for more. And stay tuned we will.

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