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If you’re in the market for the newest iPhone model, the iPhone 5S, holding out a few months past its release date has worked out in your favor. Electronics retailer Best Buy is now offering Apple’s flagship smartphone at a steep discount: $125 when you sign up for a two-year agreement, according to CNET. That price is the same across Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.

iphone5s-2013The iPhone 5S came out back in September, as you might recall, so we’re still not that far removed from its launch date. With that in mind, it’s unusual to see an Apple product discounted so dramatically when its successor isn’t arriving in the near future. I’m used to seeing iPhones and iPads drop in price about a month before the newer model is expected to drop, but you could make the argument that a new iPhone isn’t expected for another 9 months. That isn’t soon.

This discount isn’t a widespread thing, so what does Best Buy hope to gain from it? Perhaps some attention. We’re in the post-holiday lull and we’re probably not going to see a lot of new tech products pop up for a month or two. The store needs to rope people in, either to its retail locations or its website, and there’s no bigger draw than that of a discounted Apple product to do the job.

You have exactly two days to nab this deal, though; it’s good for today and tomorrow (Saturday, January 4) only, so you’ll need to head over to your local Best Buy location or hit soon if you want the iPhone 5S at a discount.

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