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Ever landed on a webpage that compelled you to sign up for a course or download an ebook full of the most scrumptious yet easiest recipes?

Yeah, been there, done that! :)

Now that’s an example of a killer landing page. Don’t you wish your landing page could do that too?

Guess what, you can design a high-converting landing page — even on a tight budget! There are loads of tools available in the market to help you create the best ones. As you work to grow your brand, you’ll need to consistently generate more leads, convert more customers, and increase sales. And a well-designed landing page can help you achieve all this and more.

But before we start, let’s get some of the basics out of the way.

What makes a good landing page?

It’s the first page a person lands on after clicking a link. It could be a product page, a blog post, or subscribing to a newsletter. The objective of this page is to receive and convert traffic. So it’s a vital aspect of your online marketing campaign.

There are several important features every landing page needs, such as:

  • The copy should be well-designed and easy to read.
  • Viewers should be able to quickly and clearly comprehend what is being offered.
  • It should entice visitors to act, whether it’s through a CTA or sign-up form.
  • Show them the benefits, whether it’s through a headline, image, landing page copy, or ad.
  • The social proof or social media sharing options should be present.

There are several other elements that you can include to create a killer landing page. But it depends on what you want to offer to your target audience. Therefore choosing the best landing page builder for your brand is necessary to convert your leads into sales. After all, you want an exceptional landing page that directs your customers through the funnel.

Need some help finding the best landing page builder?

Improve your landing page

You’ve probably scoured the internet in search of the best landing page builders. But the sheer number of choices that are available is enough to make your head spin. So I’ve made it easier for you to decide.

And since I believe in the ‘less is more’ ideology, I have hand-picked three of the tools that could get you headed in the right direction.


Wishpond is what you need to attract visitors to your website. Moreover, it allows you to nurture leads into sales. As a complete solution for all your online marketing needs, this marketing automation platform lets you automatically segment leads into lists based on activity and personal details. Now you can create and send personalized emails based on user behavior to make your email campaign more effective.

But more importantly, you now have the ability to create and publish attractive landing pages. Drag and drop features make the interface ideal for people who don’t even know how to code. This easy-to-use tool is an affordable option for small or medium-sized businesses to promote their brand. Now you can reach and interact with your viewers no matter where they are.

Wishpond has three subscription packages depending upon the number of leads. Payment options are monthly or annually. Moreover, Wishpond offers a no-commitment 14-day free trial on annual plans. Pricing plans include:

  • Starting Out Plan – $49 / month (up to 1500 leads)
  • Everything You Need Plan – $99 / month (up to 2500 leads)
  • Rapid Growth Tier-1 Plan – $199 / month (up to 10,000 leads)


If you are in search of an interface that lets you build powerful landing pages that generate the maximum conversions, then Ucraft is the perfect solution. Engineered for small business owners, online creators, and bloggers, Ucraft is a website builder that brings with it additional designing tools, such as a landing page builder, drag and drop editor, logo maker, blogging tools, and much more.

Pre-existing templates offer numerous customization options. Moreover, Ucraft integrates easily with tools like Google Analytics, Zendesk chat, Intercom, etc. These impressive features, among others, allow you to promote your e-commerce brand and make it more visible and accessible.

If you are interested in developing a clean, responsive landing page in minutes, consider the following Ucraft subscription plans:

  • The free landing page builder comes with 18 templates and other basic features to help you get started.
  • Pro Website – $10 / month. It provides access to 52 more templates as well as other integrations and lead generation forms, tools, features, etc.
  • Pro Shop – $21 / month
  • BigCommerce – $39 / month

Annual plan subscribers can get a free domain name. Moreover, you can get a 14-day trial, completely free — no credit card required.


Are you looking for a way to build and test your landing pages before investing in a tool? The Unbounce free trial version lets you try their product and check whether it aligns with your landing page requirements before you make a purchase. Yeah, it couldn’t get any better than that.

The drag-and-drop feature is aimed at allowing beginners and advanced users alike to design the best landing pages and boost conversions. With over 125 pre-existing mоbіlе responsive tеmрlаtеs, Unbounce offers a great deal of flexibility so that you have the opportunity to customize elements of your page.

Other impressive characteristics, such as integration with other analytical tools, CRM platforms, and dynamic keyword insertion, can significantly enhance your SEM campaigns. Now you can pool the benefits of other resources such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc. So effortlessly create, publish, and tеst уоur landing раgеs.

Unbounce offers a variety of pricing packages in order to meet the needs of individual businesses. Options include:

  • Essential plan – $79 / month with 75 landing pages and 8 popups and sticky bars.
  • Premium plan – $159 / month with 150 landing pages and 16 popups and sticky bars.
  • Enterprise plan – custom built packages starting from $399+ / month. With 375+ landing pages and 40+ popups and sticky bars. Plus, you have access to a Dedicated Launch Specialist and a Customer Success Manager.

Final Thoughts

With the aid of landing page builders, you can work towards capturing your potential customers. Nearly 50% of marketers create a new landing page for every marketing campaign. This ensures that viewers realize that something different is being offered. And remember to include the essential elements of an effective landing page to help your online business grow.

But to identify which of your landing pages work best, you will need to design and test several. So don’t be afraid to implement the good old trial-and-error strategy.

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