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The new 4K webcam from HuddleCamHD will ship from Monday April 27th and is a gamechanger for people who need to work from home.

In a Covid-19 affected world, many people had to suddenly start working from home and discovered that their standard technology toolkit is somewhat lacking to make the most of those zoom, skype, snatchapp and messanger meetings. But what if you could have a video call, where the webcam can be controlled from a remote, with the ability to zoom in and out, as well as to pan and tilt? This is exactly what you’ll be able to do with the latest release from HuddleCamHD – the all new 4K webcam.

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There is off course another group of pro users who will use this as an ace up their sleeves: People who host instructional webinars, Facebook Live events, or Youtube Live video broadcasting. The ability to conduct any demonstration with remote zooming and movement of the camera really delivers value to viewers – so this is a likely disruptor also for the e-learning sector.

What exactly is it about this new webcam technology that will make users buy it? Let’s take a closer look:

Features and affordability:

Without breaking the bank, PC users can now deploy the HuddleCamHD 4K Webcam as the most valuable addition to their “work from home” and “play at home” kit. With the USB model retailing at $329 and the NDI model at $549, adding a piece of professional equipment to your home office arsenal is within reach for many people. Equipped with a super-crisp 4K sensor, it will add a professional edge to video conferencing and live streaming events.

PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) used to be a feature that is mainly available with CCTV systems. Now it has come to your desktop – and can be used during meetings, gaming events or practically any scenario where a webcam is being used. This is now known as an EPTZ Webcam: electronic pan tilt and zoom.

The precision with which the camera can zoom in is quite intense: it can actually read the number on a credit card with ease. With several camera position presets that can be recalled by clicking a button on an IR remote, the speed and convenience factor is hard to beat. It minimizes the need for other devices to be required as it comes with an array microphone.

The best part is that it is super easy: the plug and play features mean that you do not have to spend time finding out how to manually configure the device: it is ready to go. This is regardless of whether the camera is attached to a PC screen – or placed away, on a tripod to present users with a different view. Mounting it permanently in a meeting room against a wall is also a popular option.

So you are a Pro user? Not a problem:

Video producers who love working with sophisticated production software will be pleased. This is because the camera functions perfectly well with top professional software such as OBS, vMix, Split, Wirecast and eCamm live. Another professional feature that would make even a dentist or surgeons’ life easy to screen initial patients is the UHD CMOS image sensor and camera lens. It enables more close-up details and a more realistic video. This means that the quality will be way better than with any standard 1080p webcams. The image sensors are automatic and can detect human faces for auto-framing. How? By making use of EPTZ presets to frame subjects that are in viewable range. Turn auto-framing on to allow the camera to automatically use EPTZ presets to frame subjects in view.

Final scoop:

Pro users, recreational users, you name it – it is all covered. This is more than a toy: it is also a professional tool. Working from home requires a professional appearance as this space is suddenly more competitive than ever before. Those in key roles will know just how handy it can be to make a good impression with other stakeholders.

Now that the right tools are available, what a pleasure to collaborate remotely and ensure that there is business continuity. Anyone who thought the Logictech Brio and Mevo camaras have the market cornered should think again: the HuddleCamHD 4K webcam is about to redefine this space. With a powerful 4K video sensor, users can use digital zoom to enhance a 720p zoom and. This, coupled with the ability to do video conferencing calls with a 3X lossless zoom, definitely makes this a piece of trending technology.


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