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Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any: eCommerce Sales

One success that can be greatly attributed to improvements to technology is the simplicity in which we can manage and spend money. Look at the credit card for example. Prior to electronic processing via point-of-sale machines, credit card transactions had to be done manually on paper, and took days – if not weeks – to process. As technology evolved further and the Internet became part of the everyday lives of millions, a new trend began to emerge. In 2010, online stores make billions of dollars in sales on an annual basis. These stores, which don’t have the same high overhead of physical retail outlets, are able to better service customers in the sense that they never have to close and that they can make ordering easier.

In the early 1990’s, as more people began to populate the Internet, we saw the introduction of stores like the online giant Amazon. Since then, several other reputable online stores have emerged; some catering directly to the Internet, and others simply the online marketplace for established retail chains.

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Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any: Donations

Once you have established yourself on the Internet, you will surely find yourself incurring fees and expenses in maintaining your website. Be it for materials for projects, fees for hosting, or simply your time, you will want to be compensated and reimbursed for your efforts. Sure, you could load your site with ads, but that disturbs the design of your site and can make it look cluttered. Because of this, you may want to seek donation from your visitors. However, getting donations to cover all of your costs can often be a futile process.

You have to consider that people are not going to donate if they do not feel that you and your site are worthy of their money. This being, your content or product (such as a donationware application) needs to truly stand out from similar content or products on the Internet. In line with this concept, you also have to show dedication the the content or product that you are providing. If you do not put a significant amount of time and effort into producing your “labor of love”, then people will not see it worthy of donating towards. This being, no one is going to donate money towards a blog that is rarely posted to or an application that is infrequently updated.

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Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any: Advertisers & Sponsors

Advertisers and sponsors are easily some of the most important aspects of a website or blog. Both give the administration behind the site crucial funding to not only continue their content, but improve it as well. For example, a blog funded by advertisers and sponsors has the ability to purchase products for review, and ultimately to expand their content. So what do you do to get advertisers and sponsors, and ultimately get the funding needed to better your site?

Off the bat, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a potential advertiser. Think about it. If you were an advertiser, would you rather have a billboard in a rarely ventured-to alley, or a billboard next to a busy freeway? Any advertiser is sure to choose the second option, meaning that in order for your site to be seen as worth while for them to advertise on, you need to have decent amounts of traffic. Because when it comes down to it, a potential advertiser is looking to get his or her ad seen by as many people as possible, while spending as little as possible to do so.

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Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any: Comments & Replies

So you’re finally to the point with your website where you’re getting a frequent and steady flow of visitors. But despite the number of people viewing your site and the amount of quality content that you have, you just aren’t seeing high numbers of comments or replies to your content. Without this type of activity, your site is likely to look like there’s little action and that you do not have a wide viewer base. So what do you do to encourage your viewers to participate more in your site?

First, you have to consider that one of the great things about the Internet is that it’s a two-way street. Unlike traditional media such as newspaper, magazines, and even television, the Internet allows for viewers to be a lot more interactive with the sites that they frequent. And because everyone seems to have an opinion on just about every topic or issue, there shouldn’t be any shortage of people willing to put in their two cents.

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Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any: Website Visitors

So you bought a domain, got yourself web hosting, and designed a website. Now you have a beautifully website, but you just can’t figure out why you’re not getting any visitors? Does this sound like you? Well, today BestTechie is starting a five-part article series entitled “Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any”. These articles, which will be posted one per day, will cover the reasons why businesses and blogs have lacking online presence, and what you can do to improve yours.

Getting visitors to your site is the first step in building a successful online presence. This being, visitors and users are the people who not only view your content, but share it with others as well. But without visitors, your website is pretty much a sitting duck. So how do you get visitors?

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